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A wags to riches tale

Amarillo Globe-News



 One Lucky Dog:

 Angela was a resident at the no-kill Dalhart Animal Wellness Group & Sanctuary until  being spotted on the Internet and cast in "Dr. Dolittle 3."



"Lucky" might be a good word to describe this dog.

So when Angela, a 2-year-old terrier mix from Dalhart, leaves Friday for Canada to play a dog named Lucky in a movie, she won't even have to act, hardly.

"I'm hoping she'll go on to great stardom. That would be my wish for Angela," said Diane Trull, owner of the no-kill Dalhart Animal Wellness Group & Sanctuary.

When Angela arrived at the shelter six months ago, things didn't look so bright. Whoever left her there bound her, her brother and her sister to the gate using barbed wire.

"That's one of the hardest things to see - what people do to animals," Trull said.

Although Angela was scared when she first arrived, she behaves well with or without other animals, said volunteer Molly Kruse, 12. That's one of the traits that caught the attention of the filmmakers.

Angela will be one of three terrier mixes playing the role of Lucky in "Dr. Dolittle 3," being produced for DVD release. The role was previously played by another dog, but after two movies, that one's getting too old to continue the part.

That was Angela's big break.

Debra Coe of Coe's Animal Talent Inc. inquired about Angela after spotting her on petfinders.com. Several conversations later, Trull satisfied Coe that Angela was right for the job.

"It's not a purebred, so it was a little more difficult searching North America for that particular mutt," Coe said. "And you have to find the capabilities in the dog at the same time."

Coe agreed to adopt Angela, who will fly to Seattle and Vancouver with Trull on Friday. Now that Angela has reached the big time, it really is a dog's life.

"Angela gets to ride in the cabin. She has a special little harness she'll wear, and she has a special little cushion she has to bring," Trull said. "It's called a 'celebrity dog.' For instance, Eddie in 'Frasier,' that's how he would travel."

After "Dr. Dolittle 3," Angela's acting career could take off, if the glitzy life suits her, Coe said. Although the other animals and volunteers at DAWGS will miss Angela, they'll wish her well.

"All our dogs should have the chance to experience something good," Kruse said. "I think she'll have a good time."

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