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About the WIFTS Foundation

The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase is a new showcase recognizing the talents of women in film and television, focusing on the work of women producers, directors and cinematographers from around the world. Founded by Craig Prater, formerly creative director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and the Bangkok International Film Festival, and Elspeth Tavares, publisher and editor of the film industry trade paper, The Business of Film, The WIFTS has been endorsed by the City of West Hollywood and the West Hollywood Marketing and Visitors Bureau.

The WIFTS first event will take place December 4 – 7, 2008, at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood. It will open with a world premiere and will include screenings of sixteen new films as well as seminars and discussion panels. The event will close with an awards ceremony. Awards will include the Entrepreneurial Award to a woman “whose talent has exhibited a new approach to filmmaking, acting or the entertainment business world” as well as awards for best film, best director, best cinematography, pre-eminent breakout role, and career and lifetime achievement awards.

Some awards will be honorary and others will be selected by a jury of established film executives and celebrities. In 2008, The WIFTS will support three charities: the Malibu Adult and Young Adult Activity Center for the disabled; Bykids, which pairs established filmmakers as mentors for young people; and D.A.W.G.S., an animal care sanctuary. Sponsors of The Women’s International Film & Television Showcase include The City of West Hollywood, the West Hollywood Marketing & Visitors Bureau, Ona Dawes (USA), Pillivuyt Porcelain (France), Patrick Moulin (France), Barbara Tipple (UK), Sylvie Nissen (France), Freya Rose (UK), and the Beverly Hills Watch Company (USA).

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