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The Roundup

Summer Program Pairs Dogs, Kids
July/August 2010

By Cal Farley

In June, 47 Boys Ranch children, along with house parents and counselers, worked at a local animal shelter as part of the campus summer program. On the first day they helped clean up at the Dalhart Animal Wellness Group & Sanctuary, Inc. (DAWGS), but most of the time they were busy petting and receiving happy licks from the dogs. The second day they walked dogs and played with puppies.

The shelter's personnel went through a quick lesson on working with dogs and how to best handle them.

"They walked many dogs and gave so many of them treats and attention; it was one of the best days at the shelter," said Diane Trull, co-director of DAWGS.

Trull explained that the shelter is filled with animals that have no home and are awaiting a second chance at finding a home. "Some of them were surrendered by families who had tired of them or were frustrated with them because of bad behaviors or because of hardships in the family. They all just need help and care, and the opportunity to be back in loving homes."

Trull said all of the animals have a tremendous amount of love to give, and the opportunity to share them with Boys Ranch was "wonderful for everyone."

"I think the children felt a tremendous empathy for the animals. You could see it in their faces as they petted them and walked them."

"I love the Cal Farley quote, 'Only through the youth of today is a better tomorrow possible.' The youth from Cal Farley's made several better tomorrows for the dogs at DAWGS. Their love and attention gave them more hope for finding homes, and it was an enriching and enjoyable day for everyone."

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