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"All animals are equal in our eyes and each one has a special gift to give."

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"Why do the dogs have to die?"

It is a difficult question to answer, particularly when posed by children not yet resigned to the evils of the world. Diane Trull wasn't able to face the students of her fourth grade reading class and tell them that this is just how the world works - that healthy dogs must be killed just because there are too many of them and that the kids must be satisified with this "adult" solution to the problem of pet overpopulation.


 She wasn't able to tell the children that there was nothing  they could do, that they were powerless to help these  desperate animals.

 And so began DAWGS in Texas.

 In March of 2003, Diane, her family, and the inspirational  fourth graders set out to change "how the world works".


Since 2003, the shelter has struggled to survive, fighting against overwhelming odds and obstacles posed by both man and nature. When the shelter received an eviction notice from the city of Dalhart,TX, the lives of the 500+ animals in their care were threatened with euthanasia. In April of 2007, during a huge blizzard, all of the dogs and cats were safely moved to their new sanctuary.


DAWGS has rescued over 7,000 animals and continues to strive to make a difference in their community. Their current goal is to provide permanent housing for the animals as well as a modest spay/neuter clinic to solve the area's problem of pet over population. They are also trying to raise funds for a windbreak to protect the shelter from the harsh weather in the Texas Panhandle.

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