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I am a neutered pit bull mix about 8 years old. I came to DAWGS as a puppy and have been here for 7 years. A lady that was just released from prison adopted me because she thought we both needed a second chance. I had problems with my eyes so she took me to have them checked. The vet said I had glaucoma that was too advanced to be fixed. My person's husband died of a massive heart attack and she lost her home so she had to bring me back to DAWGS.

While I was away from DAWGS the prison built an adorable clapboard dog house for the shelter. When I came back I claimed the house as my own. No matter where they moved me I found my way back to the kennel with the new house. They finally got the hint and made the house mine.

I am very special and will always be a favorite of those working at the shelter. Please sponsor me until I get another chance for a permanent home.

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