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I am a spayed 8 year old pit bull mix and have been at the shelter for about 7 years. One hot day I was wandering along when some high school students offered me a treat. I was so hungry that I took their snack. The next thing I knew, they caught me, tied my feet together and carried me to the railroad tracks.

Oh my gosh! They were going to tie me to the tracks and wait for a train. I tried to escape but the ropes were too tight and I could only lie there and cry as the boys laughed. Fortunately, a lady who lived by the tracks saw what was going on and called the police. She went outside and told those horrible boys that the police were on their way. The boys took off and the lady carried me from the tracks to her house.

My rescuer called several shelters in the county but no one would help me so she called DAWGS and I have been here ever since. I love my caregivers but am still a little shy and timid around strangers. I do have a little girlfriend named Cici who I adore. I am very precious and just need a sponsor to help with my care.

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