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DAWGS Newsletter - February 2010

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Dear DAWGS Family,

From all of us here at the Dalhart Animal Wellness Group and Sanctuary, Inc. (DAWGS), we wish you a very happy Valentine's Day.  Over the past several years, your generosity and support has literally saved thousands of lives.  You have given the gift of life to so many needy and deserving animals. Thank you!

Since we began in March 2003, we have rescued 5,061 dogs and cats and 4,279 have found loving homes (or were returned to their original homes).  We depend entirely on those of you that share our love for animals to help save these precious lives.   One of the lives we recently saved was Sweetpea, a darling miniature pinscher who, in August 2009, was found in a deserted house, hiding amidst the garbage and discarded waste.  She had been left alone for over two weeks, without food or water and she was hugely pregnant. She was hungry, scared, angry and confused and tried to bite anyone who came near her.  We carefully wrapped all six pounds of her in a blanket and took her immediately to the vet.  He was concerned about her vision and general poor health but released her, with medicine to help her heal. During the night, she gave birth to four, stillborn puppies and was extremely ill.  Within a few days, she was doing better but had developed severe eye issues, causing her to be temporarily blind.  We nursed her through two months of antibiotics and vitamins and gradually her vision came back.  Then one day a nice couple came to the shelter looking to adopt a small dog, having lost their little one to cancer, a few months before.  They immediately fell in love with Sweetpea and took her home with them.  When we did a follow up, to see how things were going, we found her curled up in a big recliner, enjoying a football game with her new family.  It is because of your help and support we are able to give these precious animals a new beginning.  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity.


Diane and Mark and everyone from DAWGS


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